Creating Innovative Experiences,
One Universe at a Time

Welcome to Far Frontier Studios, we are a small independent game development studio founded by Puerto Rican developer Christian Aguila.

Driven by passion and endless creativity, we aim to deliver unique and immersive video game experiences that leave a lasting impression on our players.


Fun, fun, fun.

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Active Project


4-player co-op procedural sandbox psychological horror game, a re-playable nightmare experience inspired by old school survival-horror and rogue-like games.

Mankind Reborn

Inactive Project

Mankind Reborn

Mankind Reborn is a cyberpunk first- and third-person MMO set in the near future, eight player-run factions are locked in endless galactic strife of commerce, intrigue and warfare… each vying to secure their own legacy amongst the stars.

Eternal Raids

Completed Project

Eternal Raids

Gather resources, choose from over 21 different units, and control each one in the battlefield at any moment, grow your army and fend off the invading tribes in a never-ending wave survival prototype, if the king dies it's game over.

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The Team

Behind The Scenes

Driven with passion and endless creativity.
Get to know the space squad behind Far Frontier Studios.

Gianni Goossens

Manager of
Community Relations

Christian Aguila

Founder &
Lead Developer

Casey Harding

Manager of
Systems & People

Chip Lawrie

Lead Game Writer

Sam Sheppard

Lead Composer

Connor Schilling

Level Designer

Pety Lalimijoro

Fullstack Engineer